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The False Door The False Door
Book Two in the John Brynstone Thriller Series

"The reader is in highly capable hands with Brett King—a fresh, exciting voice in the international suspense genre."
   —Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author

The world's greatest assassin has returned. Only one man can stop him. Five years after his quest to find the Radix, former government agent John Brynstone has sworn to hunt down Erich Metzger. To find the elusive assassin, Brynstone must search for a lost artifact—one that threatens to reveal, for all time, the darkest secret of the Radix.

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The Radix The Radix
Book One in the John Brynstone Thriller Series

"Part Da Vinci Code, part 24, The Radix is roller-coaster storytelling at its best."
   —Jeffery Deaver, New York Times bestselling author

For centuries, the Radix existed in rumor and secrecy. Saints whispered its legend. Alchemists craved its power. Armies fought and died to possess it. Five hundred years ago, it vanished from the earth. History's greatest mystery, lost to the ages.

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